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We are gifted with a diverse range of professional perspectives that help deepen understanding of race and racial equity.

The core leadership of The Black Policy Institute comprises senior leaders of African heritage – councillors, Labour Party BAME Officers, community activists, directors of equality and diversity departments, union leaders, leaders of community organisations, doctors, business owners; across a range of industries and sectors.

Our concept of black simplified is, people with a lived experience as Black African and Caribbean descent. We work to rebuild a healthier foundation that seeks a holistic, systemic approach to a better community for a better society for all.

The Core Team

The core executive team have successfully

  • devised race equality strategies and programmes
  • developed professor led programmes in race relation, national and global politics
  • led race equality organisations and equality and diversity departments across all sectors
  • we have initiated local government commissions on gangs and successfully delivered local solutions
  • we have led broader local government strategy formations engaging all public sector agencies through sustainable community strategies in London
  • delivered training in the House of Commons
  • provided management consultancy with a plethora of public sector agencies, local government, probation services, police services, NHS as well as third sector agencies
  • we have successfully led professional networks within corporate finance, other regulatory agencies – e.g. OFGEM, The Law Society

Brian Channer

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Channer has led equalities innovations in parliament, local government, education and the commercial sector. His 20-year career in this field lends an authoritative voice to his blending of communication, design and learning methodologies, to address structural inequality. Brian has supported two mayors of London leading programmes that strengthen protective factors affecting families and communities, these include well-being and fatherhood.

His community initiatives have fostered the building of personal and community agency, including collaborating with cross-european organisations and their delegates over the needs and the future of volunteering.

Some of his learning and developmental projects include, award winning design of curricula for children with an emphasis on learning by doing; developing and running workshops on a range of psychodynamic, intrapersonal and broader societal topics including - emotional wellbeing, creative thinking, drama, art, conflict resolution, anti-bullying and anti-racism, teamwork and identity; developing action research programmes, including “Women Like Us” a programme that explored the identity and challenges of young women and provided support networks for self-empowerment.

Brian has led a number of design and innovation consultancies providing communication frameworks and stories addressing social justice, inequality, change and community development.

He is an advisor and mentorship to senior leaders across all sectors, including central and local government, trade unions, third sector, and the health sector.


Carole Litchmore

Chief Operating Officer

Carole has a strong strategic leadership background in equalities and diversity. She has led equalities and diversity organisations and departments in all sectors, public, commercial and third sectors.

Some of her achievements include - Secured £1.7m for targeted work on serious youth violence, resulting from spearheading a Gangs Commission, for the London Borough of Lambeth. Presented equalities and diversity strategy to a symposium at The Audit Commission, commendation for equalities and social inclusion as business driver across partnerships with combined budgets of £3bn, The Lambeth Woman of Achievement Award for Work in Equalities.

Advised partnership boards - Health & Social Care Partnership Board, Lambeth. Member of the Enterprise and Skills Board and Chaired the Partnership Employment Task Force, London Borough of Lambeth.

Strategic directorships include - leading and formulating borough wide strategy on equality and social for local government. She has also - initiated and led partnership policy think tank activities; established and led corporate infrastructures for equality and social responsibility across all local government business areas including Housing & Regeneration, Environmental Services, Adult Social Care & Health, Children’s Departments, Education and Corporate Services; Integrated equalities and diversity into key processes, performance management and systems.

Carole has also led several consultancies including two West-End management consultancies. Clients have included the House of Commons, local government across the UK, probation services; regulatory agencies - The Law Society, OFGEM; the banking industry; universities, colleges and schools; third sector agencies – housing, children, and others.

Carole is also a Board Advisor to the Tear Fund and Chair of her local party BAME Forum.