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Overall to address the root drivers of anti-black racism and structural inequality, rather than focusing on the distressing manifestations in every aspect of black people's lives – negative disproportional representation in the criminal justice system, the school to prison pipeline, mental ill-health, health inequalities, deportations, political, professions and corporate leadership.

It's hard to make sense of what governmental, corporate and third sector initiatives have achieved to effect sustainable change for black people. The imperatives of the changes in the industrial and economic landscape requires greater clarity and innovation about what actually works to achieve race equality and racial equity. We want to contribute to measures that define whether the racial equality eco system is working effectively to create fundamental changes for black people. We also wish to create sustained voices that are heard when and if they say policy and practices are being severely compromised.

We also seek to facilitate Black people laying out coherent and proactive discourse around aspirations and needs and communicating these in accessible and tangible ways across black communities and other communities of interest

We seek to politically and civically educated black communities to co-create the changes we wish to see

Self-empathy and self-validation in black families and communities – including the celebration of black people’s achievements are a crucial feature of social change and changing narratives. We want to be part of that process

We also understand that throughout these processes we need to speak to the aspirations of black people, seeking equity and not just equality and using this to create compelling visions for change and action.