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The Black Policy Institute

The Black Policy Institute works to address racial injustice and structural racial inequality as experienced by black people of African and Caribbean heritage. Although we emphasise the need for equality for Black people, we seek to achieve equality for all.

We provide research, policy development, training, consultancy and coaching. We use these services to foster solutions that reflectmillennial characteristics to better position black communities for equity and well-being.

We offer a space to exploreand create solutions to speak to the many questions faced by African and Caribbean people in the UK. Our objective is to strengthen the community's capacity to recognise and address all forms of racism including Afrophobia, to

  • Broaden democratic engagement and civic action
  • Improve the socio-economic position of people
  • Generate sustainable and embedded solutions to enable people to thrive

We work, where appropriate with a network of existing agencies in the UK and elsewhere to address issues of common concern and revise policies and practices that foster equity and inclusion.

How Are

We Different?


We combine thinking and doing as a continuum of activity. In doing, we choose to pilot and incubate innovations to test policy and implementation issues before extending and promoting this policy offer.

We are particularly concerned to build

  • Quality of critical thinking around racism
  • Quality of civic, corporate action and change
  • Quality of individual action and change

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Research Consultancy

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Creating racial equity eco-systems

Achieving racial equity requires an eco-system of reinforcing systems and processes. Like the natural eco-system, the underlying principles of life formation is factored into every element of the system and create a coherent approach to fosters life, growth and flourishing.

Similarly, we also work with agencies across all sectors to consider their contribution to the eco-system that will foster racial equity.

Fostering coherent policy and practice

We seek coherence in national and local policy based on sound theories of change. The current race-related actions tend to be research rather than change driven. Our approach fosters recommendations based on coherent theories of change, based on the practical experience of leadership and management in all industries.

We work with partners to engage in proof of concept, incubation and development of key policy recommendations.

Our mission for transformation

Overall to address the root drivers of anti-black racism and structural inequality, rather than focusing on the distressing manifestations in every aspect of people's lives – negative disproportional representation in the criminal justice system, the school to prison pipeline, mental ill-health, health inequalities, deportations, political, professions and corporate leadership.

We want to contribute to measures that define whether racial equality eco-system is working effectively to create fundamental changes for people. We also wish to develop sustained voices that are heard when policy and practices are severely compromised.

We also seek to facilitate laying out coherent and proactive discourse around aspirations and needs and communicating these inaccessible ways across communities and other communities of interest.

We seek to politically and civically educate communities to co-create the changes we wish to see. We also understand that throughout these processes, we speak to the aspirations ofpeople seeking equity and not just equality. We use this to create compelling visions for change and action.

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