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We provide coaching and mentors to help you achieve the quality of change that is necessary to produce lasting change.

We understand that leading on and working towards racial equality as an individual, or as leaders working within a corporate, community or civic agency is neither simple nor easy.

Racism operates at all levels and will play itself in the most politically demanding ways. Fused withvarious mindsets and power dynamics it can be one of the most challenging areas of work, but necessary.

No-one is an island, and senior leaders and race equality leads will need support to make sense of their changing landscapes, the drivers for and against interventions and programmes of work, and to identify emerging allies.

We can make this work easier for you, by walking alongside you to make sense of this and identify strategic and more tactical approaches, help you build your allies, and maintain clarity of vision and focus.

We’ll also help you strengthen your soft skills, your emotional and social literacy and your overall branding as a senior leader and as an individual professional.